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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Manaki, 500 ml

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A very special organic oil of the variety Manaki, one of the fruitiest varieties in Greece. Mando inherited the property from her father and he in turn from his father, etc., now it is the 4th generation. The "youngest" olive trees are about 80-100 years old, and the "older" ones probably several centuries. The estate can be visited by appointment. An olive oil of premium class, obtained directly from olives exclusively with mechanical processes. Extracted cold. The olives were harvested while still green and very early. As a result, the fruits were good not only outside but also inside. The single-variety DELINIO Manaki organic olive oil is something special and certainly a tip to get with it with the annual requirement one to cover. It can be taken both for cooking but also of course "pure", eg on cooked vegetables or potatoes ! Or on each spoonful of lentils or soup do a few drops. Medium - strong fruity taste. You can feel the bitter notes in the mouth and also the sharpness in the finish.
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