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Get instant access to credit up to £10,000 with a 0% interest rate when you procure
with ShelfNow.

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ShelfNow is partnering with industry-leading credit finance provider Kriya, to give your business the option to pay for your products as you sell them!

How it works

Source and procure as usual on ShelfNow

Select 'Buy Now, Pay Later with Kriya' as your payment method at checkout

Receive your order

Pay Kriya at end of following month

0% interest credit term

Enjoy up to 60 days of payment terms with no additional charges. It’s all about fueling your business growth by improving your cash flow.

Available for all products on ShelfNow

Choose from thousands of artisan food and beverage products, which are all available for finance.

No hidden costs or commitments

It's free to sign up, and the process is totally transparent with no obligation to proceed.

What is Kriya?

Kriya, formerly known as MarketFinance, is a fintech platform that keeps business flowing brilliantly by providing frictionless access to payments, credit and working capital through seamless integrations and instant credit decisions.

Founded in 2011, Kriya has helped businesses collect over £20 billion in B2B payments and advanced over £3 billion worth of credit through working capital and business loans.

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Our Buy Now Pay Later service allows you to get instant access to credit up to £10,000 at checkout, providing your business an option to pay for your products as you're selling! Apply in minutes and get started within 48 hours!

Sign Up To Buy Now Pay Later

You may be wondering

When you select Buy Now Pay Later with Kriya Payments at checkout,  you can pay for your ShelfNow orders up to 60 days at no extra charge. Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email from Kriya on your agreed payment plan and bank transfer details for your future payment. Kriya will remind you when the payment is due.

When you apply for Buy Now Pay Later with Kriya via ShelfNow, Kriya will perform a soft credit search on your business to check if you’re eligible. This will not have any impact on your credit score.

Once you are verified, the option for Kriya Payments will be activated on your account. The first time you choose to pay with Kriya Payments at checkout, a hard search will be conducted and the search will appear on your credit report. This will only happen on the first purchase. Multiple hard searches in a short period of time may affect your credit score.

There are no extra fees if you pay with Kriya Payments, as long as you settle your invoice when it’s due based on your selected payment terms.

Yes it is possible, however, it is on a case-by-case basis. Making sure you successfully repay invoices on time can increase the likelihood of this. Kriya will require a minimum of either 1 successful repayment + Open Banking connection or 3 successful repayments to consider any limit increase requests.

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