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Organic Beetroot & Apple Fritters with Mint & Chilli Dressing

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Crispy beetroot, apple, sweet potato and caramelised onion fritters with roast aubergine & our creamy cauliflower puree. If your goal is to deliver incredible flavours & textures to your tastebuds without lifting a finger, this may just be the ticket. Our Beetroot & Apple Fritters, especially when used as a vehicle for our unbelievable Cauliflower Puree, are an easy, convenient supper that happens to be overwhelmingly good for you to boot. (Serves 1 - Net Weight: 330g)
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Manufacturing country
United Kingdom
Storage Conditions
Cauliflower puree (49.5%) (ingredients in cauliflower puree: cauliflower (61.2%), onion (17.5%), water*, lemon juice, pink himalayan salt*, fresh thyme, fresh garlic, bay leaf, white pepper), Beetroot fritters (33%) (ingredients: beetroot (20.8%), sweet potato (20.8%), onion (18.9%), apple (14.2%), gram flour, coconut oil, fresh garlic, cornflour, garam masala, cumin, fresh coriander, black pepper, pink himalayan salt*), roast aubergine (12%), parsley dressing (4.5%) (extra virgin olive oil, fresh parsley (9.3%), fresh mint (9.3%), fresh coriander (9.3%), fresh garlic (6.8%), fresh red chilli (5.1%), coconut blossom, fresh lemon juice, pink himalayan salt*, cumin), fresh parsley (.3%), extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice. All ingredients are organic except those noted with*.

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