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Indian Spice Tin with 10 spices & Handmade Silk Sari Wrap

Our Indian spice tin (a Masala Dabba to those in-the-know) is packed full of carefully selected, aromatic spices, and was devised by Spice Kitchens' founder and family cook, who has been loving preparing delicious, home cooked meals for all the family for over 60 years. She has based the contents of this tin on generations of knowledge.
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Manufacturing country
United Kingdom
Storage Conditions
Spice Kitchen Garam Masala (20g) • Cardamom (10 pieces) • Cloves (10 pieces) • Cinnamon Sticks (5 pieces) • Kashmiri Chilli Powder (20g) • Cumin Seeds (20g) • Ground Coriander (20g) • Mustard Seeds (20g) • Turmeric Powder (20g) • Home grown curry leaves (2g)

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