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New Zealand Mānuka Honey UMF™ 10+ (MGO 263+) 400g

Raw. Rare. Regenerative. Biodiversity-Positive Honey.

Our multi award-winning honey is harvested in some of the most pristine remote areas of New Zealand, Certified gluten-free, glyphosate-free and non-GMO, it is 100% raw and pure, with no added sugar, water or chemicals, just as nature intended.

Our slow, gentle creaming process gives our honey its signature smooth, creamy texture. 100% Pure, 100% Potent. Rich and golden in colour, smooth and creamy in texture, sweet and mildly tangy, it has a unique depth of flavour. Ideal for everyday eating – by the spoonful, as a spread on bread or toast, or to add sweetness and flavour to smoothies and juices.

100% of Tahi's profits are reinvested into biodiversity regeneration. We have won many awards for the exceptional quality of our honeys as well as our positive impact on the environment.

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Manufacturing country
New Zealand
Storage Conditions
100% raw honey

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