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Retail Pack - Oaxacan Barbacoa Kit 70g x 6

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This kit contains whole Mexican chillies and flakes and Barbacoa Spice Mix to make Oaxaca style barbacoa with ‘consommé’.

In Mexican cuisine, Barbacoa is a pre-Hispanic cooking technique where meat is slowly steam-roasted in a smouldering underground pit until fall-apart tender. In this Oaxacan recipe, lamb is marinated in smoky Mexican chillies and Barbacoa Spice Mix, layered with avocado leaves and placed on a rack over vegetables, chickpeas and stock. Slow-cooked in the oven, the meat juices drip into the stock below, served on the side as a brothy soup called ‘consommé’. Leftover meat can be used to make barbacoa flautas or quesacoas (barbacoa quesadillas). 

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