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Retail Pack - Tostaditas for Nibbles - 6cm - 200g x 32

We make 6cm white corn tortillas and fry them until crisp, for little tostadas. They make the perfect canapé size tostadas, gluten-free too. Crispy, not too salty and sturdy enough to stand up to a big topping, they equal about 2 bites. Approx 50 in the bag but order extra for accidents and snacking!

Tostaditas can also be used as round chips to scoop guacamole and refried beans.


* All orders received by Wednesday will be delivered on Friday of that week. All orders received after Wednesday will be delivered the following Wednesday.

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Manufacturing country
United Kingdom
Storage Conditions
Corn tortilla (masa harina [ground nixtamalized corn], water, sea salt), rapeseed oil Does not contain GM ingredients.

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