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Coo J'N 700ml 40%Abv

Sgriob-ruadh is a small dairy farm, on the wild west Coast of Scotland with help from 120 cows, produce milk to make cheese and spirits. The cheese is made from raw milk and then matured for more than a year in our Cellars. This produces a cheese with great flavour, fruity and spicy. Generating our electricity from wind and water with heat from the local forests, not wasting anything, being sustainable. True to our principles of no waste, we are now distilling the whey from the cheese making. To produce a clear Isle of Mull Spirit:- Sgriob-ruadh Spirit, Coo J’N and Cheesemakers Strength 60%ABV. The beautiful Island, the grass the cows eat and the water they drink, give a special taste to both cheese and spirits that can be found nowhere else.
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Manufacturing country
United Kingdom
Storage Conditions
Milk , but no Lactose or Proteins

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