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Montespada Venetian White Orange Wine 75cl Vegan Vintage 2021

"The macerated white wines are now called orange wine, part of our tradition- Garganega in Purity. An old and new style at the same time. The prolonged contact with the skins of the grape first with the must, then with the wine or almost wine, gives unusual flavors and colors for a wine made from white grapes. In short, a classic vinification is used for red wines. The skins of grapes give away the substances contained in them making the wine much more complex both to the nose and in the mouth. It is an ancient, peasant tradition, which disappeared or almost disappeared with the advent of new cellular machinery that allow to eliminate the skins immediately, a tradition that resists in other parts of the world , but also in the Italian countryside where the peasant wine has always stood on its skins for more or less long. Friuli, Emilia, Veneto and Liguria are places where even today the white grapes vinified at home are traditionally macerated. The result is a "food" wine that goes well with the cuisines of its places of origin, but also with particular cuisines also international , Asian and Japanese in the first place. Important fish also cooked fat, raw or smoked, white courtyard meat, lamb or kid. For vegetarians, they accompany traditional Mediterranean soups, or a little more elaborate dishes such as eggplant parmesan or, to return to the East, a tempura of mixed vegetables. As with all wines, the serving temperature is important,never serve them cold but at temperatures around 15º, maybe opening the bottle some time before putting it on the table. Orange wines are suitable for medium-long aging, especially those born from long macerations strong of an important structure ." GRAPES 100% Garganega in purity. ALCOHOL CONTENT: 12% ABV    ORANGE & VEGAN WINE
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United Kingdom
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100% Garganega grape

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