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Montespada Soave Classic Doc 75cl Vintage 2022

A wine with an intense and delicate character, but at the same time, strong, austere, complex, and appropriately elaborate. It releases typical characteristics and classic sensory hints of a grape variety that only the Garganega grapes can give. The Soave DOC is a 100% made by a single variety vinification process, at a controlled temperature of around 18 degrees . Features: A taste that releases Freshness and an elegant acidity. Complex with a great evolution of aromas and scents. This wine is typical of the most elegant whites with its citrus varietal aromatic notes. Light colour with lighter greenish notes depending on the time of harvest. Vineyards of origin: From the Veronese hills, located in the south-east of Lake Garda in the Zone of Soave Classico, where the grapes are able to mature properly and give a complete version of the grape variety. Harvest: Traditionally harvest in late October, manually packed in boxes, manual in boxes and promptly transported to the Wine Cellar. Soil: moraine soil and loamy soil with basic pH levels. Aging / Perfecting: Soave is derived after a fermentation process, and separation of the wine from heavy lees. It is the left to mature in Holding Tanks, to enhance the extraction of a variety of aromatic fragrances, after which, it is subsequently bottled and left to age for months before being put on sale. This strong wine with its consistent structure and a high alcohol content make it a perfectly suitable candidate for aging for even for over 3 years with significant improvements. Food Pairings: Also as an aperitif, it goes very well with soups, vegetable-based first courses, sea and lake fish. GRAPES 100% Garganega ALCOHOL CONTENT: 12.50% ABV   VEGAN WINE
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100% Garganega grape

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