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French honeysuckle Sicilian BlackBee Honey - Miele di sulla di ape nera sicula 260 G

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The Sicilian BlackBee honey is rare, unique honey made exclusively in Sicily by the Apis Mellifera Sicula, an endangered local species. It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and antimicrobial. Despite its common name, Hedysarum coronarium - French honeysuckle or sulla- is a fodder plant cultivated primarily in the Sicilian inland. It is extensively grown in our farm due to the common crop rotation practice. Our sulla honey turns creamy a few months after the harvest, forming a solid mass with medium to tiny crystals. It has a pale yellow to ivory-white color and a delicate taste, with vegetal, leafy notes of straw or dry grass. Fairly neutral in flavor and very sweet, it is perfect to sweeten food and drinks and pairs well with baked goods. It can be used for preparing nougat. To prevent any alteration of its nutritional and organoleptic qualities, our honey is raw and unpasteurized and will crystallize accordingly. *Crystallization is an attribute of pure natural honey.
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Raw, unpasteurized honey without any additive

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