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Spice Blend Starter Bundle

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Our Starter Bundle contains 16 x 4 of our best selling World Flavour Spice Blends all in our Point of Sale unit. 64 packs in total. With flavours from Middle Eastern, Indian, BBQ, Mexican cuisine and more. All our spice blends are freshly ground and Gluten Free. We have over 100 free recipes on our website for customers to access to create delicious spicy meals. POS comes flat packed with simple assembly. The pos does the selling as has all relevant marketing information on it. We class this starter bundle as 1 unit, you will receive 64 packs across 16 different varieties (4 packs of each)
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United Kingdom
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Each pack has it's own ingredients listed, ingredients covered below. Cumin Paprika Black Pepper Brown Sugar Coriander Ginger Hazlenuts Salt Sesame Seeds Cinnamon Turmeric Fennel Smoked Paprika Sumac Chilli Rose Petals Thyme Cloves Marjoram Oregano Cardamom Yellow Mustard Seeds Nutmeg Mace All Spice Scotch Bonnet Chilli Cayenne

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