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Passion Fruit & Turmeric - Gut Health Drink

Prepare your palette for perfection with our perfect Passion Fruit & Turmeric flavour....bang on for that refreshing lift you need each day. Want to ensure your gut health and immunity stay in tip-top condition? Fed up of an unhappy tummy and bloating? Adults with gut health conditions backed by qualified nutritional therapists have made the solution for you that tastes like that holiday you wish you were on! Get your gut, immune system and mind back in the swing of things with our lip smacking still drinks! We carefully chose each ingredient for it's gut health benefits. Made with 100% natural ingredients, nothing unpronounceable here! Superstar gut health ingredient is Japanese knotweed...isn't this pesky plant a major nuisance? Yes, but it turns out it’s actually super beneficial for your gut (who knew!?) and it doesn’t affect the delicious tongue tantalising taste either! Still - you will not get bubbles, no bloat - fizzy drinks cause bloating. No added sugar...ever. Vegan & gluten free. Only 50 calories per 250ml can, no calorie bank breaking here. 1% of all sales donated to Mind charity. Drink chilled from the can daily as part of your morning routine, or pour over ice into your favourite glass for an afternoon/evening delight.
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Manufacturing country
United Kingdom
Storage Conditions
Water, fruit juices from concentrate (white grape, passion fruit), natural turmeric extract, Japanese knotweed extract

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