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Green Kampot Pepper Sauce

Fresh harvested Green Pepper is the main ingredient in Green Kampot Pepper sauce. It can therefore only be made on site during the 3 months of the harvest. Manufactured in June and July, it is available in a limited edition preview. It is our strength as a producer and short-circuit distributor that guarantees a product of great freshness. The fresh Green Pepper is crushed then cooked with the different ingredients. Powdered Moringa and Pandan leaves are added at the end. Our Green Kampot Pepper Sauce is a 1/5 spicy sauce. At the end of cooking, the sauce is placed in sealed bottles in order to retain all its aroma. Made in Cambodia (in Kampot), based on fresh local fruits or spices, these sauces offer a spiciness (subtle to intense) full of flavors and surprises. Each recipe is an opportunity to rediscover your favorite spices! These sauces, rich and intense in spices, are very little diluted to offer a fresh and powerful flavor. Without any coloring or preservative, they are to be shaken before use and to keep cool once opened. Our Green Kampot Pepper Sauce is the condiment that will delightfully accompany raw fish (replacing wasabi), meat carpaccio, in seasoning (sauce, vinaigrette, mayonnaise), with meat, in a gazpacho, on a mozzarella / burrata or fresh goat cheese, .
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Fresh green Kampot pepper, vinegar, palm sugar, fresh lime juice, sea salt, powdered Moringa leaves, powdered Pandan leaves

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