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Blackthorn Sea Salt Flakes 120g

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Made with wind, sea and thorns on the West Coast of Scotland, Blackthorn Salt is the ultimate transformative ingredient for today’s kitchen. Poignant and bittersweet, with a taste echoing sea, Blackthorn Salt adds a rolling moreish-ness to any meal. Our environmentally-conscious artisan sea salt is made from 100% sea water filtered through Blackthorn branches - a combination that gives it a distinctive tangy, mellow and sweet flavour and satisfying crunch! Reviving centuries-old techniques, the key to our production is a striking 8m high, 25m long blackthorn tower - the only working one in the world, and the first of its kind in the UK! The 120g box is a perfect gift, unique addition to a hamper and a treat for any adventurous foodies! - 100% pure Scottish Sea Salt Flakes - nothing added, nothing taken away - Organically approved - Natural and sustainable process – using the world’s only salt producing thorn tower - Hailed by some of the country’s top chefs as exceptional in its tastes - Packaging is free from any plastics, is sustainably sourced and fully recyclable - Awarded 2 stars at The Great Taste Awards 2021
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United Kingdom
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100% Scottish Sea Salt

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