Identifying responsibly produced food that is good for you and for the Earth can be a challenge. From misleading labels to long lists of unidentifiable ingredients, confused shoppers are looking for clarity. To help, we have put together a list of our favourite sustainable food producers which take the hassle out of responsible shopping. 


The UK’s number 1 juicing brand is paving the way for a greener future. Using fruit and veg from G.A.P Global certified farms including the wonky ones, Press is both environmentally and ethically conscious. The bottles are 100% recyclable and are made from 75% recycled plastic and 25% bioplastic (made from sugar cane rather than fossil fuels). By using recycled plastic, Press is preventing plastic waste from ending up in the landfill and helps cut the carbon emission of plastic production by 55%. 


Crickets are a sustainable source of protein. Compared to other animal proteins, crickets require 2000x less water, 95x less land and emit fewer greenhouse gases and ammonia. BioBug is even a sustainable source of all 9 essential amino acids. 


Designed to combat plastic waste and soggy paper straws, Stroodles are pasta straws that are 100% biodegradable. Stroodles were created to show how fun and easy it is to make small sustainable changes. Made using wheat and water, Stroodles are flavourless and edible, and they even work great in a bolognese!


Every year a third of the food produced in the UK goes uneaten, ChicP is on a mission to combat food waste. They use rejected or unsold veggies which would otherwise go to waste to make delicious and healthy hummus. Food waste entrepreneur Hannah McCollum supports British farmers by using raw vegetables which are not seen fit for supermarket use. These veggies which get a new lease of life include wonky veg, out-grades or class 2.


Chewsy Gum is naturally plant-based and 100% biodegradable and even home compostable. Free from sugar, aspartame, plastic and artificial flavours and sweeteners, Chewsy contains only 6 plant-based ingredients. The packaging is also biodegradable and recyclable.