Are you a food and drink Producer who wishes there was a way to prove your sustainable sourcing and manufacturing processes to sceptical buyers?

Or, are you a Buyer who has ever wondered if a brand was being flexible with the truth about claims of ethical sourcing? 

Well, wish and wonder no more, as we are pleased to announce that ShelfNow’s B2B marketplace is empowering businesses to maximise transparency with not only each other but also consumers further down the supply chain, through the integration of Trackgood’s cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Our partnership with Trackgood will transform the way wholesale purchasing is conducted and give Buyers the ultimate resource to corroborate product proof of origin, as well as verify the journey taken along the supply chain through to the shelf.

We are also launching a programme to ensure our SME partners are fully supported throughout the process of implementing blockchain, as new technology inevitably brings with it new challenges and potential teething problems.


What is Blockchain? Why have we implemented it?

Blockchain is a “shared, immutable collection of financial accounts that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network[1]”, which in this context refer to the F&B brands on ShelfNow’s marketplace.

Trading and tracking transactions on a blockchain network offers the advantage of reducing risk and cutting costs for all involved, as each transaction that occurs is recorded as a “block” of data that securely connects in a “chain” to those that come before and after. Transactions are blocked together irreversibly and are tamper-proof, transparent and secure.

Powered by NEM’s Symbol blockchain, Trackgood is “supply chain visibility software designed to empower sustainability and transparency.” It achieves this by tracking and tracing transactions throughout the supply chain. Trackgood allows our Producers to prove that their accounts are accurate to potential clients, by showing and not telling their ethical credentials. Orders, payments, accounts, production and much more, will all be trackable on one system.

ShelfNow’s ethos is to promote sustainable innovation and onboard Producers who share our vision. We always strive to provide them with a platform that will help them to keep up with market trends and also cater to the latest consumer demands.

With consumers more conscious about eating healthily since the pandemic and reducing their carbon footprint in order to help tackle climate change, blockchain is a welcome addition for Producers who may want to validate their sustainable credentials to Buyers in order to gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

By partnering with Trackgood, ShelfNow is supplying Buyers with the tools they require to make informed choices supported by up-to-date data that is credible, auditable and immutable.  


How does it work?

Full integration of Trackgood onto ShelfNow allows Trade Buyers to view transparency data in real-time and filter products so that they may find Producer partners with the same shared principles.

We publish images of the production process from the Producers, the profiles of those involved, quality certificates, lot numbers and travel documents. Trackgood reveals locations on the map to Buyers in addition to the people who work within the supply chain.

For example, a café that is only interested in purchasing the highest standard organic, fair-trade coffee beans can determine who they feel most comfortable buying from, based on the most accurate and transparent food source data in the industry.


What are our Producers doing?

ShelfNow’s partner Caffè Barbera, the oldest coffee roasting company in Italy, was one of our first producers to implement Trackgood. Now any Buyer signed up to our marketplace is able to view the places and faces involved in the coffee’s journey from the plantation to the cup.

Managing Director Elio Barbera remarked that “blockchain has emphasised an aspect that is fundamental for [Caffè Barbera]: To make known to all the positive impact that a shared policy between all the players in the supply chain can have on society and the environment.”

Other ShelfNow Producers who are currently using Trackgood include, but are not limited to, Mumbai-based, authentic Indian flavoured sauce brand Pico, as well as healthy chocolate brand, Eat It Like, which uses ethically traded beans. 


Hear from the founders 

Our CEO Philip Linardos said, “As consumers are becoming more aware and interested in ethical brands, there is a greater demand from Buyers to work with transparent and ethical producers. The integration of blockchain technology will allow us to lead the way in enabling our Buyers to discover like-minded Producers and see proof of the ethical claims that brands make. Furthermore, we are excited to be launching a programme to support our Producers to introduce blockchain technology into their small businesses – something that would be difficult for SMEs without our support.”

Founder of Trackgood, John Hussey, commented: “It is not good enough for brands to have sustainability strategies alone, as they increasingly need to be showing consumers what they are doing for society and the environment. A staggering 95% of 5,300 home and family products struggle to substantiate their ethical production claims and 88% of consumers want brands to help them improve their social and environmental footprint.”

By partnering with Trackgood, ShelfNow is actively encouraging and incentivising businesses to provide transparent insights on their supply chains, with a higher eco-friendly profile likely to be good for business. Thus, showcasing the positive impact made as a result of supporting ethical and sustainable production will be to the benefit of trade buyers, consumers and most importantly the industry and planet as a whole.

[1] IBM -  ‘What is blockchain technology?’