The low & no category is more than just the bog-standard <1.0% ABV beer you may see in the supermarket. In fact, the category is as diverse as any other drinks category and we are pleased to host a fine selection on ShelfNow.

The low & no market is projected to experience a Compound Annual Growth Rate of around 14% between now and 2030, so the category’s potential is huge as many consumers are expected to cut down on their alcohol intake, especially during the festive period and beyond. The World Cup is now here, closely followed by Christmas, New Year and finally Dry January. What brands should your business invest in to cater for this greater demand from health-conscious consumers? 


Here are 5 low & no subcategories that you can find on ShelfNow: 


  1. Mocktails 

Bottoms up!

Famous tomato juice brand Longbottom & Co have recently listed their new Virgin Mary mocktail on ShelfNow.

A great addition for get-togethers this Christmas, the opportunity couldn't be more tempting for businesses like you to stock the staple brand which is growing in popularity and stature. The ceiling for Longbottom is sky high as a niche brand without dominant competitors in the same beverage category.

Longbottom’s delicious tomato juice-based drinks are now internationally recognised, and there could be no more affordable means of stocking them than through ShelfNow’s marketplace which puts SMEs first. 


  1. Functional Drinks 

Many consumers are interested in harnessing the dual benefit of not only cutting down on alcohol intake but also substituting liquor with tasty, healthy alternatives. 

Enzyme drink full of culture

This is the ideal drink to have guests toasting with a chin-chin, or shall we say Jin Jin. Originally made in Taiwan and recently onboarded, Jin Jin is carefully crafted with more than 35 kinds of fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and cultures.

The ancient process produces beneficial bacteria and complex enzymes which help our bodies fight bad microorganisms and maintain good gut health! Jin Jin also contains antioxidants which are proven to defend against disease and slow down the ageing process. The drink will have consumers looking and feeling healthier and younger in no time at all. 

The mother of all cultures

Packed with 55 billion live cultures per 100ml, Agua de Madre is the ideal kefir remedy for consumers wanting to cut down on their alcoholic intake this festive period, but without sacrificing the joyous ritual of drinking socially.


The trace alcohol content (1.2% ABV) is entirely natural and contained in the drink as a result of the fermentation process.  


  1. Seltzers, tonics & sparkling drinks

Want to enjoy a bottle of bubbly without the booze?

If you’re looking to stock a non-alcoholic, organic and 100% vegan sparkling wine, then look no further than Purus. Their Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine allows your wine connoisseur customers to have all the fun Christmas Day without the hangover Boxing Day. After all it wouldn’t be Christmas without a bottle of bubbly, alcoholic or not! 

Just the tonic you need

ShelfNow's close partner Double Dutch is a perfect mixer to accompany our spirit selection (see the next section). Founded by twin sisters Joyce and Raissa in the Netherlands, Double Dutch is the ideal festive beverage for those with a love of superlative drinks and the blending of magnificent flavours. It is truly the perfect accompaniment to ShelfNow’s impressive range of low & no spirits.     

Double Dutch tonics offer customers diverse flavour combinations, from their famously smooth Indian Tonic Water to the more adventurous Margarita, which contains chilli and cucumber ingredients. With ShelfNow, you will be able to purchase these premium mixers at affordable prices. 



  1. Spirits

Lift some spirits this Christmas

Described by Gordon Ramsey as the most delicious non-alcoholic drink and featured in the New York Times Holiday Gift Guide, Pentire is a real stand out of the low & no category and a great option for anyone thinking of going teetotal but without giving up experiencing that classic British gin twang. 

The Pentire Adrift and Seaward Tasting Pack is the perfect present to give family a taste of the refreshing Cornish coastline this Christmas. As we trundle towards the dark December long nights, ShelfNow recommends business partners like you place the bright taste-of-summer Pentire Gift Box centre stage in your store.



  1. Beer & Cider

Smashing drynks with no limits!

It's the most wonderful time of the year… to enjoy a beer. Have you ever wished you could consume an unlimited amount of beer and still drive home? Well wish no longer, as we have your customers covered.

The oxymoronically named Smashed 0% Beer & Cider is the ideal brand for you to purchase in time for the festive period, and will certainly not have guests getting smashed at customers’ houses. The drinks can be ordered in bottles and cans and available options for a hoppy Christmas include Lager, Pale Ale and Citrus Beer. Apple and Berry Cider for a sweeter tooth.