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  • Create your profile and make an offer
  • Get matched against your ideal Buyers
  • Select and trade with Buyers directly
  • We handle the paperwork and shipping
  • Get feedback to build your next offer

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  • Create your profile and receive offers
  • Choose offers you like from our curated products
  • Trade with Producers directly
  • Buy at discounted prices
  • We handle the payment and delivery

Why ShelfNow?

ShelfNow matches great new Food & Beverage products to independent and speciality retailers, events organisers and other retail buyers.

We work closely with Producers to create attractive product offers on the ShelfNow platform. Each product is carefully selected to be a great fit for our Buyer community.

Our unique data analytics approach finds ideal locations for producers and targeted product deals for buyers. Our platform handles all aspects of the trade and by connecting directly with each other there's a little more in the kitty for everyone.

Join as a Producer to find the right Buyers, build relationships, get stocked and obtain invaluable feedback to help you grow.

Join as a Buyer to discover exciting new products targeted to your customers. Buy at discounted prices and try out new concepts on your street.

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We'd love to hear from new Food & Beverages (F&B) producers and Independent/Speciality Retailers to participate in our pre-launch service testing. We really appreciate your views and offer up-to 6 months of free matching for selected participants when we're live and running.

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